Guideline for New Authors Part 1 ~ Guest Post from Mark L. Dressler

Guest blog post by CAPA member Mark L. Dressler Ask yourself why you are writing your story. Is the reason to make money? Is the reason self-satisfaction? Or both? What is your story? A book, novella, short story? (Word count will dictate this industry categorization.) What is the genre? Memoir, mystery, fantasy, romance, or anotherContinue reading “Guideline for New Authors Part 1 ~ Guest Post from Mark L. Dressler”

What No One Tells You About Publishing

I’m not saying it’s really a secret, but it also isn’t the first thing authors talk about when discussing their books. In fairness, why should it be? We want to tell you about our book, not how it got published! Now, if we’re specifically asked…we’ll talk your head off. Kidding(ish).