Creating Your Elevator Pitch

As an author, there will be opportunities to tell people about your book, perhaps potential readers. Or you may find yourself sitting at a conference with the editor of your first-choice small publisher. You may be participating in one of several online pitching forums like #IWSGpit, #PBpit, #PitDark, and more. Or, as the name implies, you luck intoContinue reading “Creating Your Elevator Pitch”

Instagram for Authors How to Become Notable in the Press | By Dennis Schleicher

If you’re an author, you know marketing your books is essential to success. And one of the best ways to market your books is through social media. Instagram is an excellent platform for sharing your work with potential readers. But how can you make the most of Instagram as an author? “Some days, I feelContinue reading “Instagram for Authors How to Become Notable in the Press | By Dennis Schleicher”

Guideline for New Authors Part 2 ~ Guest Post from Mark L. Dressler

SELF PUBLISHING Self-Publishing means you will do all the work, but you will receive all the royalties. The work includes finding the right editor for your manuscript. You have self-edited and are ready for the next steps, choosing your editor(s). There are four types, and depending on the quality of your manuscript you may orContinue reading “Guideline for New Authors Part 2 ~ Guest Post from Mark L. Dressler”

5,4,3,2,1… Launch Your Book

You did it. You actually did it. Has it sunk in yet? You said you were going to write a book, and you wrote a mother trucking book. You poured your heart and energy and God given (or hard gained) talent into it. So, um, now what?

5 Tips For Your Elevator Pitch

I never like to assume everyone understands/knows these terms. While it’s a common phrase in some circles, it’s not it others. So, for those who don’t know: Your elevator pitch (in this case) is you “selling” yourself & your book to a potential reader in a short time… as in under two minutes.