Road to Adventure; Connecticut’s Indie Bookshop Trail

Karen Elizabeth Baril  Connecticut is one of those rare places on earth that is home to dozens of independent book shops. Not just one or two, but a marvelous collection of unique book-browsing adventures.  Now that the pandemic is loosening its grip, it’s time to get out and explore the aisles of the indies. ThisContinue reading “Road to Adventure; Connecticut’s Indie Bookshop Trail”

News from Amazon – Kindle Changing from MOBI to EPUB Files

By Dennis Schleicher Amazon has long been the odd man out in the world of ebook files for their requirement of MOBI files. All other platforms use EPUB. But yesterday, Amazon sent out emails to authors to let them know that they have finally listened: to simplify the uploading process, they will begin using EPUBContinue reading “News from Amazon – Kindle Changing from MOBI to EPUB Files”