Signs You May Have Imposter Syndrome

Imagine: You’ve written and published your first book. It’s out in the universe, available on Amazon – freaking Amazon, man – and you’re at a dinner party. Someone says to you…

What No One Tells You About Publishing

I’m not saying it’s really a secret, but it also isn’t the first thing authors talk about when discussing their books. In fairness, why should it be? We want to tell you about our book, not how it got published! Now, if we’re specifically asked…we’ll talk your head off. Kidding(ish).

Post to the CAPA Blog

With the launch of the new CAPA website, we’ve created the CAPA Communications Blog. The CAPA Communications Blog is a place where members can share your writing and publishing stories, tell us about your latest book, share your expertise to help your fellow authors and publishers navigate the writing and publishing process, get information fromContinue reading “Post to the CAPA Blog”