Ways To Make Your Interview Great

Congratulations, you’ve scored an author interview! But… now what? For as exciting as it is to get publicity for your book, it’s equally nerve-wracking for many. Generally speaking, we’re kind of known for being an introverted, limelight shunning crowd, us authors. Despite our reclusive tendencies, we know this is what we need to do toContinue reading “Ways To Make Your Interview Great”

Guideline for New Authors Part 2 ~ Guest Post from Mark L. Dressler

SELF PUBLISHING Self-Publishing means you will do all the work, but you will receive all the royalties. The work includes finding the right editor for your manuscript. You have self-edited and are ready for the next steps, choosing your editor(s). There are four types, and depending on the quality of your manuscript you may orContinue reading “Guideline for New Authors Part 2 ~ Guest Post from Mark L. Dressler”

Guideline for New Authors Part 1 ~ Guest Post from Mark L. Dressler

Guest blog post by CAPA member Mark L. Dressler Ask yourself why you are writing your story. Is the reason to make money? Is the reason self-satisfaction? Or both? What is your story? A book, novella, short story? (Word count will dictate this industry categorization.) What is the genre? Memoir, mystery, fantasy, romance, or anotherContinue reading “Guideline for New Authors Part 1 ~ Guest Post from Mark L. Dressler”

Signs You May Have Imposter Syndrome

Imagine: You’ve written and published your first book. It’s out in the universe, available on Amazon – freaking Amazon, man – and you’re at a dinner party. Someone says to you…

5,4,3,2,1… Launch Your Book

You did it. You actually did it. Has it sunk in yet? You said you were going to write a book, and you wrote a mother trucking book. You poured your heart and energy and God given (or hard gained) talent into it. So, um, now what?