How to Get a Google Knowledge Panel for Authors | Dennis Schleicher

Are you an author looking to boost your online visibility, credibility, and search engine rankings? Find out how hiring a publicist can help you get featured on a Google knowledge panel with 4000+ words of reliable, high-quality content.

Instagram for Authors How to Become Notable in the Press | By Dennis Schleicher

If you’re an author, you know marketing your books is essential to success. And one of the best ways to market your books is through social media. Instagram is an excellent platform for sharing your work with potential readers. But how can you make the most of Instagram as an author? ‚ÄúSome days, I feelContinue reading “Instagram for Authors How to Become Notable in the Press | By Dennis Schleicher”

Ways To Make Your Interview Great

Congratulations, you’ve scored an author interview! But… now what? For as exciting as it is to get publicity for your book, it’s equally nerve-wracking for many. Generally speaking, we’re kind of known for being an introverted, limelight shunning crowd, us authors. Despite our reclusive tendencies, we know this is what we need to do toContinue reading “Ways To Make Your Interview Great”

News – Free Virtual Author Meetings Scheduled for March

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