Upcoming Meetings

Earlier this month, a poll was sent to CAPA members for feedback regarding attendance at in-person meetings. The results are telling: 50% of respondents would be comfortable to attend an indoor, in-person meeting in August. 54% of respondents would be comfortable to attend an indoor, in-person meeting in September. For both questions, 30% of respondentsContinue reading “Upcoming Meetings”

Signs You May Have Imposter Syndrome

Imagine: You’ve written and published your first book. It’s out in the universe, available on Amazon – freaking Amazon, man – and you’re at a dinner party. Someone says to you…

5,4,3,2,1… Launch Your Book

You did it. You actually did it. Has it sunk in yet? You said you were going to write a book, and you wrote a mother trucking book. You poured your heart and energy and God given (or hard gained) talent into it. So, um, now what?

Looking for a Literary Agent

Dennis Schleicher is currently the President of the Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association. Schliecher is the best-selling author of Is He Nuts?: Why a Gay Man Would Become a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ. As an in-demand public speaker, specializing in devotionals and social media marketing with the LDS church, Dennis’s relationship with many acquisitionContinue reading “Looking for a Literary Agent”

Independent Bookstores are Growing in Connecticut

By Dennis Schleicher President and PR director for CAPA.  We are looking for a chairman willing to visit independent bookstores and introduce ourselves as local authors and members of CAPA. This would be a great opportunity for you to introduce your self along with your work. In exchange were looking for you to write aContinue reading “Independent Bookstores are Growing in Connecticut”

The One Place CT’s Authors and Publishers Need to Be

By Brian Jud The Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association (CAPA) has been Connecticut’s premier association for authors and publishers since 1994. We currently have over 140 active members and build our numbers every month. Here are a few reasons why. For twelve years CAPA members participated in our Big-E exhibit, and at its peak soldContinue reading “The One Place CT’s Authors and Publishers Need to Be”