Roadblocks Of Writing (And How To Get Around Them)

Roadblock Number One: Time. Listen, we are busy as heck, I know. Work, family, spouses/partners, commitments & obligations, housework… the list is endless. And when we do find time? We’re exhausted. And yet, I still say, make time. Not find time, make time. It’s there, tucked in between this and that. Even if it’s twenty minutes, it counts.

Winning with Instagram Algorithm – Becoming an Influencer

By Dennis Schleicher  Instagram would be my primary source of traffic and business. That means that I am 100% keeping tabs on how to beat the Instagram algorithm. Rumor has it that only 10% of your audience can see your posts in their feed- what a rip off! But we can do this! It isContinue reading “Winning with Instagram Algorithm – Becoming an Influencer”

News – Free Virtual Author Meetings Scheduled for March

As an accomplished university professor, speaker, and consultant, she is an international best-selling author, as well as top quoted publishing professional on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox.

Looking for a Literary Agent

Dennis Schleicher is currently the President of the Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association. Schliecher is the best-selling author of Is He Nuts?: Why a Gay Man Would Become a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ. As an in-demand public speaker, specializing in devotionals and social media marketing with the LDS church, Dennis’s relationship with many acquisitionContinue reading “Looking for a Literary Agent”

Free Virtual Author Meetings Scheduled for February

February 8: (6:30 – 7:30 pm, ET): What to Include in Your Memoir (and What to Leave Out), by Sharon Dukett. If you are writing a memoir, or thinking about it, are you struggling with what to include and what to leave out? Where to start or where to end? In this session, you willContinue reading “Free Virtual Author Meetings Scheduled for February”

Independent Bookstores are Growing in Connecticut

By Dennis Schleicher President and PR director for CAPA.  We are looking for a chairman willing to visit independent bookstores and introduce ourselves as local authors and members of CAPA. This would be a great opportunity for you to introduce your self along with your work. In exchange were looking for you to write aContinue reading “Independent Bookstores are Growing in Connecticut”

Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association – Publishers Marketplace

CAPA is pleased to announce that it has signed up for a paid membership subscription with Publishers Marketplace. Here’s how it is going to benefit everyone. Professional-strength databases of information you can’t find anywhere else at any price—the ones that pretty much every publisher, media outlet, and agent in the business relies on every day.Continue reading “Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association – Publishers Marketplace”