Independent Bookstores are Growing in Connecticut

By Dennis Schleicher

President and PR director for CAPA. 

We are looking for a chairman willing to visit independent bookstores and introduce ourselves as local authors and members of CAPA. This would be a great opportunity for you to introduce your self along with your work. In exchange were looking for you to write a column introducing two local bookstores each month.

Example; I recently partnered with “River Bend Bookshop” on Main Street in Glastonbury, CT.  Meagan Hayden, the owner was so impressed she created an authors page; 

This is a great opportunity for us as an organization to support the up-and-coming rise of independent booksellers throughout our state.

To find independent bookstores in your area visit there are 51 Independence book stores in our wonderful state of Connecticut.


Dennis Schleicher

The One Place CT’s Authors and Publishers Need to Be

By Brian Jud

The Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association (CAPA) has been Connecticut’s premier association for authors and publishers since 1994. We currently have over 140 active members and build our numbers every month. Here are a few reasons why.

For twelve years CAPA members participated in our Big-E exhibit, and at its peak sold $43,000 of books in 17 days. Although it was cancelled in 2020, we expect it to return. When it does, CAPA members will again have the opportunity to sell their books to over 1,000,000 attendees.

12 issues of the monthly Authority newsletter filled with tips and topics on book publishing and marketing. You may contribute articles on those topics with your byline. You may also share your success stories and upcoming events in the Celebrating Success column.

Nationally known speakers are scheduled for three monthly virtual presentations (Avon, SE CAPA and SW CAPA). When the facilities reopen, we will return to local in-person meetings, and CAPA members may attend all three every month. Here are the virtual events scheduled for Avon this year:

  • February 20: Karen Straus on Seven Ways To Monetize Your Book
  • March 20 Katherine Pickett will talk about crafting a marketable manuscript.
  • April 17: Sharon Dukett speaking about Hybrid Publishing – “What It Is, What It Isn’t, And Why I Chose This Path.”
  • May 15: Amy Oestreicher on successful book marketing

Before 2020 local organizations conducted fairs, craft shows, etc. When these return, CAPA members can save money selling their books by sharing the cost of events with other CAPA members.

The Free, Virtual Book Selling University on January 28-29. Nationally known speakers will help you discover how to sell more books, obtain more and better publicity, get media appearances, build your personal brand and much more. This two-day virtual conference is presented to CAPA members at no charge. For more information or to register for any or all courses go to:

You can see why CAPA has thrived for over 25 years. Become an active member and you can grow with us into the future.

Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association – Publishers Marketplace

CAPA is pleased to announce that it has signed up for a paid membership subscription with Publishers Marketplace. Here’s how it is going to benefit everyone.

Professional-strength databases of information you can’t find anywhere else at any price—the ones that pretty much every publisher, media outlet, and agent in the business relies on every day.

If you have a new title that is being launched, you can reach others in book publishing at a site that true professionals call on millions of times a month.

This would allow you to get noticed by Podcasters, radio and TV shows, etc. 

Note: you must be up to date on your paid CAPA membership …. 

Premium Features for Marketplace members

The authoritative reports of dozens of new sales every day—and a database of over 100,000 deals.

To report a deal, please email Dennis include your genre, short bio maximum length 150 characters. Authors name. Illustrator, if any. Book title. Short description, maximum length, 500 characters. 

The Description should be one phrase and should not duplicate any other information entered here. E.g.: “in which an unreliable narrator kills women who write books with girl in the title”

Or : “a prosecutor’s account of a night in 1998 when he was kidnapped.”

Or : “the sequel to AUTHOR’s FIRST TITLE”

Editor, Copy editor, etc.

We hope you enjoy the many value added services we offer as members of CAPA. 


Dennis Schleicher 

President of the Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association

Best selling author of “Is He Nuts?: Why a Gay Man Would Become a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ

Literary agent at 

Instagram @DenSchleicher