Ask the Literary Agent. What’s Changing in the Publishing Marketplace? 

Dennis Schleicher will answer your burning literary agent questions at this workshop. As an associate literary agent with Talcott Notch Literary LLC and a best-selling author, he has a wealth of knowledge to share! Learn what it takes to find an agent in today’s changing market. Or do I even need an agent? Dennis will provide tips and guidance on how to pitch yourself and your book and discuss the essential responsibilities that a literary agent position entails. 

Literary agent, Dennis Schleicher

Hesitation and doubt are legitimate feelings, but what you do next is the challenge. I’ve learned that the best response is, What do I need to learn from this? All of this is happening for a reason to help me become a stronger person inside and out.

Bring your questions and be prepared to discuss the latest trends in the publishing world. Are you curious about what’s changing in the market? Then this is the perfect opportunity for you! Get personalized advice about finding representation for your book from one of the industry’s leading experts. Ask questions, exchange ideas with other attendees, and get insider insight from Dennis Schleicher himself! Schleicher, we’ll talk about the trends of finding an agent and what a literary agent’s responsibilities are. Feel free to come with questions or listen.

  • Do I need an agent?
  • What are the benefits?
  • What are the trends I need to know about?
Gina Panettieri and Dennis Schleicher

About the Speaker

Dennis Schleicher is an associate literary agent with Talcott Notch Literary LLC. Schleicher successfully created a YouTube channel with over 87K subscribers and 35K followers on Instagram. He is the best-selling author of “Is He Nuts?: Why a Gay Man Would Become a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ.” As an in-demand public speaker at BYU university, UVU, and many others. Dennis’s relationship with many acquisition editors gives him a unique edge.

In The News

Dennis Schleicher has become a well-known figure in the media, appearing on numerous magazine covers and talk shows. His captivating personality, quick wit, and easy charm have earned him numerous appearances on radio programs such as NPR’s “All Things Considered” and BBC Radio 4’s “Today” show. In addition to his media presence, Dennis has also been featured in various print publications like The New Yorker and Time magazine. His thoughtful commentary on current issues makes him a sought-after speaker and panelist on news networks such as CNN and Fox News. No matter the medium, Dennis Schleicher consistently demonstrates a passion for providing thought-provoking insights into the world and its complexities. He is an invaluable source of information, challenging readers and viewers to look at things from a different perspective. His unique ability to engage with audiences has made him a valuable asset to the media landscape.  


Join us on March 18, 10:30 AM eastern standard time. 

Published by Dennis Schleicher - Motivational Speaker - LGBT Convert LDS Church

"Is He Nuts: Why a Gay Man Would Become a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ" By Dennis Schleicher Dennis' life has been anything but easy. The growing realization that he was gay coupled with his parents’ use of religion to justify abuse and neglect led Dennis to have a very complicated relationship with love, God, and organized religion. After suffering a violent hate crime, conversion therapy, and heartbreak after heartbreak, Dennis was desperate for love and acceptance—he just didn’t know where to find it. Walk a mile in Dennis’s shoes and see from his eyes how the only love that can truly make you whole is that of the Savior.

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