New Book Alert: Heather’s Mannequin by Corey Toomey

Connecticut Authors and Publisher’s Association is happy to share that one of our members, Corey Toomey published his New Adult Fiction book Heather’s Mannequin on April 8, 2022.

About the book:

THE HEART-STOPPING DEBUT FROM ATHENA’S DREAM PUBLISHING—AN ACTION ADVENTURE COMBINING NEW ADULT FICTION AND CLASSIC LITERATURE. Cast out of a world that destroyed half of her body and much of her mind, Heather Zlamanowski retreats to a forested haven, getting by with the aid of prosthetic limbs. The world can’t take what is left of me. Or so she thinks. Outside her home, a war draws near. Outside the forest, evil forces conspire against her. One day, she is forced to make an impossible choice to save a young child—a refugee of the approaching conflict. She must venture into a war zone at the risk of destroying her broken body. And shattering her fragile mind. With surprising twists, lyrical prose, and unforgettable characters, Heather’s Mannequin is an unflinching examination of trauma and the attendant victimhood of our times.

From the Author:

The story’s about a young, disabled woman, who’s clearly gone through harrowing ordeals, forced to venture into the most destructive place imaginable: a war zone. Her objective is to find and save a young girl in order to attain a sense of validation and belonging somewhere. Heather’s Mannequin is influenced by my own experiences as a disabled individual and the painful lessons I had to learn along the way. I hope the book’s message finds relevance and successfully addresses today’s victimhood culture.

About the Author:

I was born in Manchester, Connecticut in 1991. The writer’s bug bit me with its ink-dripping fangs at an early age (my mother will tell you all about it!) As a heavy metal enthusiast, I filled out spiral notebook after spiral notebook with lyrics about nuclear annihilation, fictional monsters, and mental illness. For much of my life, I figured writing novels was a pipe dream and put it on the back burner until I was 27. After getting the burnout of my life from working a dead-end warehouse job, I went home and started punching the keys until Heather’s Mannequin was done. I haven’t looked back since.

Connect with Corey:
Twitter: @coreytoomeyCT
Instagram: coreytoomey1
Facebook: @coreytoomey1

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