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With the launch of the new CAPA website, we’ve created the CAPA Communications Blog. The CAPA Communications Blog is a place where members can share your writing and publishing stories, tell us about your latest book, share your expertise to help your fellow authors and publishers navigate the writing and publishing process, get information from CAPA members on writing, editing, publishing, and marketing, and get updates on the latest CAPA and industry news.

Posting to the CAPA Communications Blog is open to all CAPA members. We’re actively seeking blog posts from CAPA members. If you are interested in posting to the blog, please submit your post as a Word document to CAPA PR director Bill Hettinger at and he’ll take it from there. Blog posts should be between 200 and 1,000 words. Feel free to include some brief bio information and links back to your book or website.   

Once your blog is posted, you can share, post, and tweet, on your favorite social media platforms. This will help build the Google and social media credibility for both you and CAPA.

Not currently interested in submitting a blog post? You can still get an email each time a new blog is posted. Just go the CAPA Communications page on the CAPA website (, scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter your email to subscribe.

Published by Bill Hettinger

Dr. Bill Hettinger is “The Professor” – Author, Educator, and Finance and Housing Guru. His latest book is Entrepreneurial Finance (Flatworld, 2019). As the PR board member for CAPA, Dr. Bill helps manage the CAPA Blog

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