Books Sales Are Growing Exponentially

By Dennis Schleicher President of the Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association

Sales of printed books – Printed book sales were 750.89 million in 2020 – a growth of 8.2 percent, the highest year-on-year increase since 2010. Statista (reports on the largest self-publishing co. in the US 2018) reports that Kindle Direct Publishing (formerly Create Space) has over 1.4 million authors in 2018. Next is Lulu Press with 37,000+ authors & then comes Blurb, Inc. with about 17,600 self-published authors in 2012.

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Published by Dennis Schleicher - Motivational Speaker - LGBT Convert LDS Church

"Is He Nuts: Why a Gay Man Would Become a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ" By Dennis Schleicher Dennis' life has been anything but easy. The growing realization that he was gay coupled with his parents’ use of religion to justify abuse and neglect led Dennis to have a very complicated relationship with love, God, and organized religion. After suffering a violent hate crime, conversion therapy, and heartbreak after heartbreak, Dennis was desperate for love and acceptance—he just didn’t know where to find it. Walk a mile in Dennis’s shoes and see from his eyes how the only love that can truly make you whole is that of the Savior.

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